Comic Books - 'C'

Captain Action
Captain Aero Comics
Captain America (1968) (#100-250, Annuals 1-4, Giant-Size 1)
Captain America Comics
Captain and the Kids
Captain Atom (Nationwide)
Captain Atom (Charlton)
Captain Battle
Captain Kangaroo
Captain Marvel (M.F. Enterprises, 1960's)
Captain Marvel (1968)
Captain Marvel Adventures
Captain Marvel and the Good Humor Man
Captain Marvel Comic Story Paint Book
Captain Marvel Jr.
Captain Midnight
Captain Nice
Captain Savage and His Leatherneck Raiders
Captain Science (Youthful)
Casper and Spooky
Casper and the Ghostly Trio
Casper and Wendy
Casper Strange Ghost Stories
Casper Cat
Casper the Friendly Ghost (Harvey, 1952)
Casper TV Showtime
Casper's Ghostland
Castle Of Frankenstein
the Cat (1972)
Catholic Comics
Catman Comics
Challengers of the Unknown
Chamber of Chills (1951)
Chamber of Chills (1972)
Chamber of Clues
Chamber of Darkness
Champ Comics
Champion Comics
the Champions
Champion Sports
Cheyenne Kid
Chilling Adventures in Sorcery
Chilling Tales
Chilling Tales of Horror
Chilly Willy
Circus of Fun Comics
the Cisco Kid
Classic Comics - Classics Illustrated
Claw the Unconquered
Claws of the Cat - see The Cat
Collectors' Item Classics
Colt .45
the Comet
Comic Album
Comic Comics
Conan the Barbarian (#1-100, Annuals 1-6, Giant Size 1-5)
Confessions Illustrated (EC)
Contact Comics
the Cougar
Cow Puncher (Avon)
Cowboy Western Comics
Cowgirl Romances
Cracked (magazine)
Cracked's For Monsters Only - see For Monsters Only
Crack Western
Creatures On The Loose
the Creeper - see Beware the Creeper
Creepy Things
Crimefighters (Marvel, 1940's)
Crime Fighters (Atlas, 1950's)
Crime-Fighting Detective
Crime Illustrated (EC)
Crime Machine
Crime Must Pay The Penalty
Crime Mysteries
Crime Patrol (EC)
Crime Reporter
Crimes By Women
Crime Smashers
Crime SuspenStories (EC)
Crisis On Infinite Earths
Crusader From Mars
Crypt of Shadows
Crypt of Terror