Comic Books - 'E - F'

an Earthman On Venus
Eerie (Avon, 1947)
Eerie (magazine, Warren)
Eerie Adventures
Eerie Tales (magazine)
Eighty Page Giant
Enchanting Love
Epic Illustrated (magazine)
Everything's Archie
Exciting Comics

Fairy Tale Parade
Famous Monsters of Filmland (#1-159, plus Yearbooks)
Fantastic Fears
Fantastic Four (#1-150, Annuals 1-6, Giant Size 2-6)
Fantastic Giants
Fantastic Voyage
the Fantastic Voyages of Sinbad
Fantastic Worlds
Fantasy Masterpieces
Fantasy Masterpieces (2nd)
Fat and Slat (EC)
Fawcett Movie Comics
Fawcett's Funny Animals
the F.B.I.
the F.B.I. Story
Fear - see Adventure Into Fear
Feature Books
Fight Comics
Fightin' Air Force
Fightin' Army
Fightin' Marines
Fightin' Navy
Fighting American
Fighting Yank
First Romance Magazine
the Flame (Fox)
the Flame (Ajax-Farrell)
the Flash (#105-240, Annual 1)
Flash Comics
Flash Gordon (Charlton)
Flash Gordon (Dell)
Flash Gordon (Harvey)
Flash Gordon (Gold Key)
the Flintstones (Dell/Gold Key)
the Fly
Flying Saucers (Avon)
Flying Saucers (Dell)
Fly Man
Forbidden Love
Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion
Forbidden Worlds
the Forever People
For Monsters Only
Four Color (1st series)
Four Color (2nd series) (#1-200)
Four Color (#201-400)
Four Color (#401-600)
Four Color (#601-800)
Four Star Battle Tales
Four Star Spectacular
Frankenstein (Dell, 1960's)
Frankenstein (Marvel, 1973)
Frankenstein Comics
Freedom Fighters
Friendly Ghost Casper
the Frogmen
From Beyond the Unknown
Frontier Fighters
Frontier Romances
Frontier Western
Frontline Combat
Fruitman Special
Fun and Games
the Funky Phantom
the Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera