Comic Books - 'I - J'

Ibis the Invincible
Ideal [Comics]
Impact (EC)
the Incredible Hulk (#1-6; 102-250, Annuals 1-8, Giant Size 1)
Incredible Science Fiction
Indian Chief
Indians (Fiction House, 1950)
Indian Warriors
the Inferior Five
the Inhumans
International Comics (EC)
International Crime Patrol (EC)
In the Days of the Mob
the Invaders (Gold Key)
the Invaders (Marvel, 1975)
Invisible Scarlet O'Neil
Iron Fist
Iron Man (#1-40, Tales of Suspense #39-99)
Iron Man and Sub-Mariner
I Spy
It's Gametime
Jace Pearson of the Texas Rangers - see Tales of the Texas Rangers
Jackie Jokers
Jackpot Comics
Jann of the Jungle
Jeanie Comics
Jet Aces (Fiction House)
Jimmy Olsen - see Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen
Jimmy Wakely
Jingle Jangle Comics
John Carter of Mars (Dell/Gold Key)
John Carter Warlord of Mars (Marvel, 1977)
Johnny Mack Brown
Jo-Jo Comics (Fox)
the Joker
Joker Comics
Jonah Hex (#1-50)
Jonah Hex and Other Western Tales
Jon Juan (Toby)
Josie (& the Pussycats)
Journey into Fear
Journey into Mystery (1952)
Journey into Mystery (1972)
Journey into Unknown Worlds
Judge Colt
Jughead as Captain Hero
Jughead's Fantasy
Jughead's Folly
Jughead's Jokes
Jumbo Comics
Jungle Action (1954)
Jungle Action (1972)
Jungle Adventures (Skywald)
Jungle Comics
Jungle Jim (Dell)
Jungle Jim (Charlton)
Jungle Tales
Jungle Tales of Tarzan
Jungle Thrills
Jungle Twins
Junior Miss
Justice Inc.
Justice League of America (#1-150)
Just Married