Comic Books - 'P - R'

the Parent Trap
Pat Boone
Patsy & Hedy
Patsy & Her Pals
Patsy Walker
Patty Powers
the Peacemaker
Pep Comics
Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man - see Spectacular Spider-Man
the Phantom (David McKay)
the Phantom (Charlton)
the Phantom (Gold Key)
Phantom Lady
the Phantom Stranger (1952)
the Phantom Stranger (1969)
Picture Stories From American History
Picture Stories From Science
Picture Stories From The Bible
Picture Stories From World History
Pioneer West Romances (Fiction House)
Pizzazz (magazine)
Planet Comics
Planet of the Apes
Planet of the Apes (magazine)
Planet of Vampires
Plastic Man (Quality)
Plastic Man (DC)
Playful Little Audrey
Police Action
Porky Pig (Dell/Gold Key/Whitman)
Power Comics (Holyoke, 1940's)
Powerhouse Pepper Comics
Power Man
the Power of Warlock - see Warlock
Power Record Comics
Private Eye
Prize Comics
Professor Coffin
Psycho (magazine)

Queen of the West Dale Evans
Quick-Trigger Western

Racket Squad in Action
Rampaging Hulk - see The Hulk
Rangers Comics
Rawhide Kid
Real Fact Comics
Real Western Hero
Red Circle Sorcery
Red Raven Comics
Red Sonja
Red Warrior
Red Wolf
Reform School Girl!
Richard Dragon Kung-Fu Fighter
Richie Rich
Richie Rich and Casper
Richie Rich Billions
Richie Rich Cash
Richie Rich Diamonds
Richie Rich Dollars & Cents
Richie Rich Vault of Mystery
Rima the Jungle Girl
the Ringo Kid
Ringo Kid Western
Rip Hunter, Time Master
Robin Hood Tales
Robotmen of the Lost Planet
Rocky Lane Western (Fawcett)
Rod Cameron Western
Romance Trail
Romantic Secrets
Rook (magazine)
Roy Rogers Comics
Roy Rogers' Trigger
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Rulah Jungle Goddess
Rusty Comics