Comic Books - 'T - V'

Tales Calculated to Drive You Bats
Tales from the Crypt
Tales from the Crypt (magazine)
Tales from the Tomb (Dell)
Tales from the Tomb (Eerie, 1969)
Tales of Asgard
Tales of Evil
Tales of Ghost Castle
Tales of Justice
Tales of Suspense
Tales of Terror
Tales of Terror (magazine)
Tales of Terror Annual (EC)
Tales of the Marines (Atlas)
Tales of the Texas Rangers
Tales of the Unexpected
Tales of the Zombie (magazine)
Tales of Voodoo (magazine)
Tales to Astonish (1959)
Tales to Astonish (1979)
Target Comics
Tarzan (1948, Dell/Gold Key)
Tarzan (1972, DC Comics)
Tarzan (1977, Marvel)
Tarzan Family
Teen-Age Diary Secrets
Teen-Age Dope Slaves
Teen-Age Romance (Marvel)
Teen Comics (Marvel)
Teen Titans
Terrifying Tales
Terror Illustrated
Terrors of Dracula (magazine)
Terrors of the Jungle
Terror Tales (magazine)
Tessie the Typist
Tex Taylor
the Thing (Charlton, 1952)
This Magazine is Haunted
Thor (#126-300, Annuals 2-9, Giant-Size 1)
Three Dimensional EC Classics
Three Dimensional Tales from the Crypt
Three Stooges
Thrilling Adventure Stories
Thrilling Comics
Thrilling Crime Cases
Thrills of Tomorrow
Thunder Agents
Time For Love
Tim Holt
Tim McCoy
Tiny Tessie
Tiny Tot Comics (EC)
Tippy's Friends Go-Go & Animal
Tippy Teen
Tip Top Comics
Toka, Jungle King
Tom and Jerry (Dell/Gold Key/Whitman)
Tomb of Darkness
Tomb of Dracula
Tomb of Dracula (magazine, 1979)
Tomb of Terror
Tom Corbett, Space Cadet
Tom Mix Western
Top Comics
Top-Notch Comics
Tor (1975)
Tough Kid Squad Comics
Tower of Shadows
Toyland Comics (Fiction House)
Tragg and the Sky Gods
Treasure Chest
Trigger Twins
True Adventures
True Complete Mystery
True Life Tales
True Love Problems and Advice Illustrated
True Secrets
True Western
Tuff Ghosts Starring Spooky
Turok, Son of Stone (#1-67)
TV Casper & Company
Tuff Ghosts starring Spooky
TV Stars
Twilight Zone
Two-Fisted Tales
Two-Gun Kid
Two Gun Western (1950)
Two Gun Western (1956)
UFO & Alien Comix (magazine)
UFO & Outer Space
UFO Encounters
UFO Flying Saucers
UFO Mysteries
Uncanny Tales (1952)
Uncanny Tales (1973)
Uncanny X-Men - see X-Men
Uncle Scrooge
Uncle Scrooge & Donald Duck
Undersea Agent
the Unexpected
Unknown Soldier
Unknown Worlds
Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction
Unusual Tales
USA Comics
Vampire Tales
Vault of Evil
Vault of Horror
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea